CITY PLAYGROUNDS is the leading action sports architecture brand in the Baltics. In the past 10 years of our work, we have completed more than 100 urban architecture projects in various parts of the world. We design and construct pump tracks, skateparks, action sports centers and similair types of sports and leisure infrastructure.



Inline skates



BMX bikes

Kids bikes

MTB and other similair types of bicycles

Our passion is undertaking non-standard projects. In conclusion with architects and city planners, we find solutions for incorporating multi-functional elements info various public spaces. 

We believe that every multi-functional area devoted to alternative sports and recreation can be designed to perfectly fit into a certain urban landscape. 

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Pumptrack - action track that is suitable and entertaining for various ages and levels of skill. It is a perfect place for little kids to have their first feels of adrenaline as well as for experienced riders to test their cardio or just have fun pumping and carving. 

Each and every design is individual with a common feature of having one or more laps. The larger the field, the wilder the track can get - longer distance, more complicated lines, larger variety of pumps in sizes and forms.

Fun for skateboards, bikes, scooters, rollerskates and almost anything else on wheels.  

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With skateparks being the base of street rooted action sports, it is very important for us to deliver a top notch projects and adapt our designs for all the disciplines and riding styles.  

As skatepark builders we got our successful recognition with our brand - Mind Work Ramps. Under this label we have evolved from wooden skateparks of average plywood to developing our own specified wooden skatepark surface and shaped ourselves in building a world class concrete skateparks.

We consider that every municipality has to have an appropriate skatepark. We try to communicate with both city councils and local enthusiasts to come up with the best ideas and make them come true.




As bouldering became more popular and demand of practicing outside its natural habitat, we were only happy to include climbing walls among our services and stock up our portfolio. 

Just like skateparks, these objects can get complicated and very interesting. The routes are infinite and our mission is to perform the walls the best way so we can leave the route planning to users and make sure they will never get boring.




A new concept of sports and leisure, that advances in technology. Coupled with changes in demographics and cultural trends will significantly transform the world of sport over the next decade. The future will also redefine and challenge the traditional concept of a "sport" and what it means to be an "athlete".

A well-managed alternative sports center appreciates the unique expression of the personality of today's youth. And this is exactly what we are trying to achieve with every action sports center that we complete. 

We have experience in building action sports centers and active lifestyles centers around the world. We are proud of each and every one of it. 

Visit one of the action sports centers that we created:



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